About Us

Known for our black college tour exposing independent music artists to over 1 million potential consumers, NDaGame Entertainment is still growing and expanding to new heights. Created in 2006 after being banned, our nature to liven events still goes unmatched. With a newly refined custom built 40ft mobile stage we continue to strive to bring exciting and enjoyable events to the public. Rather you’re an artist, school, business or hosting any function we can help take any event to the next level. 


Types of Events

Indie Artist

Showcase  for indie artists and live bands across popular events such as our HBCU tour

Tailgate Party

 With  all types of music for great entertainment from hiphop to blues and kareoke


Class reunions and Alumni events are not to be excluded 

Spring Break

Providing fun activities and entertainment for some of the biggest spring break destinations


Need to raise some money? We can help organizations raise for any event or cause

Block Party

Providing entertainment for some of the biggest block parties in the country tailgaiting included


Mechanical Bull

Two mechanical bulls keeps everyone entertained. with fun and excitement. Numerous contests and bull battles are constantly going on to see who can last in the ring. Available for rent.


Big Screens

Big 12ft screens mirroring the crowd and/or the event that happening live on stage. Great way for crowds to never miss whats happening during the events.


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